2020-10-17 spent some time getting the old solarwolf game to run again. its now released as solarwolfx.

2020-05-27 uploaded version 1.1.1 of vma-extractor. fixes a minor bug where md5 hashes were uselessly generated.

2020-05-27 uploaded version 0.2.0 of sheldond, a Gemini server.

2020-04-13 added a bunch of links to play Duckalypse, Cybernator, 500m and Death Typer on. see the games section for more.

2020-02-28 Godscythe is released!

2020-01-20 Godscythe can now be played front to back. the full mod is set to release on the 28th of february 2020.

2019-10-02 split the former projects page into the games and tools pages. also added a lot of old projects to the list of games.

2019-09-09 uploaded version 1.1.0 of vma-extractor. it now checks the md5 checksum contained in the file’s headers.

2019-07-16 uploaded version 0.1.2 of dwmstatus, which fixes errors with a persistent X connection on my laptop.

2019-06-24 uploaded initial version of vma-extractor.

2019-06-23 moved from stagit to cgit as my main git hosting tool. not quite as minimal, but allows browsing branches and stuff.

2019-06-19 uploaded version 0.1.1 of dwmstatus.