Super simple status bar helper for dwm written in C. Basically it uses Xlib to set the top bar’s content in a fixed interval.

Can include:

current version: 0.1.2


Proxmox uses some self-built format to store VM backups. It is implemented as a patch to their Qemu fork.

This is a tool to extract VMA backups. It is written in Python3.

current version: 1.1.0


Its up to you to decide whether or not its a post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival roguelike or just a C++ learning project. Right now I am leaning towards the second, but I hope the project will slowly move towards being playable.

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In progress singleplayer mappack for Quake 1. Also includes some minor gameplay changes via QuakeC. One map is finished, the second one is making good progress. Lets see how many maps the final release will have. :)

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old projects

Here you can find some old projects of mine.